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Proactive IT Services

Are you still adopting the “fight the fire” approach to your IT problems? When your business depends on your IT, you cannot afford to wait until a problem appears and then fix it.  You need proactive IT services combined with in-depth system analysis and monitoring techniques that  identify problems before they disrupt your business. We monitor, manage and assess your IT performance 24/7. Whether it is preventive IT maintenance, timely backups or system updates, we are there for you!

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Hosting Solutions

Designing effective hosting solutions requires a commitment to understanding how your business operates. Taking the time to understand what your business is all about is at the root of everything we do at ContegoIT and is the very foundation of our success as a service provider in today's ever changing and competitive marketplace.

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Vendor Management

Negotiating with software vendors, determining the interoperability of different software programs and understanding the complexity of your entire infrastructure is critical to your success. Let us assume full responsibility for negotiating with all of your vendors, determining compatibility, as well as installing, maintaining, and updating all of your applications. This task is too important to be handled piecemeal. Let us take over these headaches for you.

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Remote Backup and Disaster Recovery

IT disasters are one of the top reasons small businesses fail. “Gartner: Only 6 percent of companies survive longer than 2 years after data loss.” At ContegoIT, we work hard to protect your IT infrastructure, mission-critical applications, and proprietary information. We offer remote backup and disaster recovery services to reduce downtime and minimize data loss.

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Hardware Purchasing

Analyzing and buying hardware is NOT what made you successful. ContegoIT offers a complete range of hardware purchasing services. We analyze your IT requirements and recommend the right fit for you (with some room  to grow), then handle purchase, setup/installation,  ongoing maintenance all the way through retirement where the life cycle begins anew. We also factor in your future marketing and business strategies,  allowing us to more accurately predict your company's future technological  needs and offer recommendations so that you can gain a competitive advantage in your particular market!

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Going green and saving money

ContegoIT offers a wide range of tools and solutions to help you trim the energy costs that increased technology usage automatically creates. A topic often ignored by small businesses, ContegoIT believes energy savings is an important issue that should no longer be overlooked.  With an in-depth process and specialized attention to individual devices, we identify who or what is using all that juice! Call us (right now) to learn more.

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Virtualization Services

Let us manage your critical resources! Virtualization lets you operate multiple applications–even operating systems–all on the same physical hardware.   You get optimum value from your servers while ensuring your critical business services will always be available. Talk to us to learn about  the cost cutting benefits of virtualization, as well as its value to data resilience and rapid disaster recovery.

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Structured Cabling

Computer infrastructure means a lot more than simply pulling cables.  We offer best practice telecom and network cabling services for all environments. Let us be your one-source supplier for the layout, design and implementation of your critical infrastructure. We also ensure compliance with required codes and standards according to your local regulatory authorities.  Call us for a free analysis.

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Hourly Services Available

Need computer support now but don’t have the time for an in-depth system review?  We have you covered. We can remotely support and repair most issues all with just a few clicks.  Servers, workstations, laptops, wireless, networking, software, and all those other pesky computer issues?  We can fix them all and we do it right the first time!

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